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When planning to buy a private jet, consider getting one with a turbo prop engine in the Palm Beach, FL, area. At Giant Jets, we offer Palm Beach turbo prop aircrafts for sale as well as to rent. Palm Beach turbo prop aircrafts can carry more payload and passengers than their counterparts that are powered by pistons.

Palm Beach turbo prop aircraft can also typically fly higher, at 35,000 feet as well. They burn less fuel, even if they are slower than jets. When it comes to flying in luxury, there is no better option than a plane powered by turbo prop engines.

What makes turboprops an attractive option for businesses? Find out from our crew about these options:

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  • Bombardier dash 8
  • Embraer turboprop

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Palm Beach Turbo Prop Plane


When it comes to sizing, every jet is different. As for a Palm Beach turbo prop plane, the interior is as big as an SUV, and is able to seat six to eight people. When chartering a private flight, there are some distinct advantages to using a Palm Beach turbo prop plane.

When comparing a Palm Beach turbo prop plane with a jet airplane, one must consider safety, costs, range and other things. On smaller runways, a Palm Beach turbo prop plane works best because it stops quicker.

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Palm Beach Turbo Prop Planes


Palm Beach turbo prop planes come in various sizes, just like other jets. But if safety is a concern for you, Palm Beach turbo prop planes are as safe they get. A major advantage of owing or chartering Palm Beach turbo prop planes is that the operating economics are quire unmatched.

The speed may not be significantly higher than that of a jet, the cost savings of using a turbo prop plane are substantial.

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