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Are you looking to buy a turbo prop aircraft in the Key West, FL, area or charter one? Make a call to Giant Jets, where we offer multiple Key West turbo prop options, customizable to your unique needs and wants.

As one of the leading providers of Key West turbo prop options for rent and sale, we promise luxury, convenience and style. Priced competitively, our Key West turbo prop airplanes not only show cost efficiency but also impressive speeds.

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Key West Turbo Prop Plane


If you are mostly concerned about your privacy, and need to find flexible scheduling without wasting precious time to reach your destiny, Key West turbo prop plane is the right choice. In the near future, it will all be about less pollution and building high-quality fuel that will not damage the environment. With your private Key West turbo prop plane, you have an advantage.

A Key West turbo prop plane burns less fuel and can fly the same distance for a fraction of the cost. And contrary to popular belief, a Key West turbo prop plane is just as luxurious as a propeller jet.

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Key West Turbo Prop Planes


Sone of the best features of our Key West turbo prop planes include good space, luxurious interiors, great cruising speed, impressive altitude, and courteous staff.

Private Key West turbo prop planes are the perfect way to fly to a business meeting in an offbeat location or a family vacation on a remote island. With our Key West turbo prop planes, we are setting new standards of private aviation every day.

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