Jacksonville Air Charter Service


If you want to avail the best air charter service in Jacksonville, FL, you must get in touch with Giant Jets. One of our top selected services is also shared charters that can allow you to travel in comfort without having to spend a fortune. It has made us the first choice of customers looking for Jacksonville air charter service in the locality.

The planes that we have for the Jacksonville air charter service are some of the best in the market. Therefore, you will always enjoy the experience of flying on our planes when you book our services.

Our Jacksonville air charter service can be used for booking the mentioned.

  • Small charters
  • Last-minute air charters
  • Family-friendly air charters
  • Charters for corporates

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Jacksonville Shared Charters


The biggest advantage of our Jacksonville shared charters is that it allows you to travel in a semi-private plane and avoid the rush that comes with commercial flying. Besides, our air charter flights can take you to any corner of the world without problems. If you wish to get more information regarding our Jacksonville shared charters, all you need to do is give us a call.

Our Jacksonville shared charters can even be booked when you want to fly with your family or friends. We will ensure that you get the required seats without any hassle.

Apart from choosing Jacksonville shared charters, you must also explore these options.

  • Affordable charters
  • Charters for 6 passengers
  • On-demand jets
  • Jet charter rentals

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Jacksonville Air Charter Flights


We have different seating capacities for Jacksonville air charter flights available. Therefore, whether you are planning to travel with a small group or a large one, you will be able to benefit from our air charter service. Besides, if you wish to learn about the tariff of our Jacksonville air charter flights, all you need to do is share your requirements. Our team will offer you a detailed quote on the spot.

The crew present on our Jacksonville air charter flights is also well-trained and skilled. Therefore, we will take care of all your comfort when you are utilizing our services. You can even book our charter services for special occasions.

We can also ask our employees to book the stated Jacksonville air charter flights on your request.

  • Emergency charter flights
  • Luxury private jets charter
  • Charter cargo plane
  • Pet-friendly air charters

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